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Get your Domain Name Now!


Get your Domain Name Now!

Domain Name helps your website to Achieve Maximum Popularity & Ranking.


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Get your Domain Name Now!


Get your Domain Name Now!

Boost Your Business with the Perfect Domain Name!


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Get your Domain Name Now!


Get your Domain Name Now!

Domain Name attracts Visitors & Brands your Business.


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Founder’s Quote:

After working for a decade with world’s one of the largest Web Hosting Companies in different departments, platforms, I was able to find out the most common issues, lack of service that a website owner’s experience in the Industry. May it be website down, slowness, email issues or price hikes, I had a hope that I could do better than most Web hosting providers out there. Hence, we have started Cloud Shared / Cloud Server services to provide light speed Cloud Hosting. Having years of experience with Server Hardware, OS & application platform, it made easy for me to setup this company.

Here are some of the highlights why you should join our network:
1. We never push customers to a server above threshold, meaning, we have a set of customers per core processor, so the processes run 4x faster than a normal Share Hosting Servers.
2. We keep our user’s daily data backup with no additional cost, also help our customers backup / restore of website files, databases, emails & so on.
3. No gimmick of offers & make it expensive while you renew your services with us. We do provide occasional offers to attract more users possible, but our normal prices stay same for years.
4. The ‘Unlimited’ word that most Hosting Companies use is a con, they do shutdown customers services or tell them to go away when a customer goes beyond a specific GBs storage. We provide shared hosting with promised data storage limit & we target mostly small business & personal business websites; however, we do provide SSD VPS Servers for those who need more storage & to host websites with millions of traffic per hour.
5. We do not upsell a product & scare our customers about their website getting hacked or compromised, rather in such cases, we work with our customers to get their website back up & find out the root cause of the problematic file / script / plugins etc.
6. We do monitor our servers 24 / 7 to make sure no emails have been queued for hours or no website has been down for even minutes. We have built internal monitoring tools that generates issue reports within seconds & we jump in immediately to resolve those issues.
7. We provide support on application / scripting level where most of the Web hosting companies do not, we always love to learn with our customers and with decades of experience, we almost resolve any website application based issues. We do not charge our customers a penny for such services. There is no “Premium Support” or “Premium Customers” at Sam Networks! We work with all the customers with same pride & respect for the reason they have choosen us as their Web Host.


Sam Networks! founded in May 05, 2015 in Mangalore by founder Shyamsundar Bhat & his Team of Linux Administrators. We have registered hundreds of domains, Web site designs & servers within last financial year. We are working our best on providing customer support, professional services at very affordable prices possible. We have our Data Centers in Dallas, Texas & Singapore, Japan, USA.


Our customers have not experienced any issues with their website / email services so far, we have been promoted by our customers, referred by them to others as the best hosting / designing company. Make sure to peek a look at our testimonial page about what our customers say on our services. Host with us, we promise to do our best to reach the goal you set for us.